Tourist’s Profile of Agritourism in The Mekong Delta

Hanh Nguyen, Lan Ngo


As the largest agricultural region and one of the seven tourist regions of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta has many favorable conditions for agricultural tourism. However, this potential has not been fully realized. The advantages of agritourism development are widely recognized, but many agritourism ventures are not as successful as they should be. The point is that farmers need to understand tourists and tourist products before they deliver their services. Most previous research has attended to farmer/landowners’ and local communities’ perceptions of and attitudes toward agritourism development rather than the nature of agritourists. Drawing from an on-site survey of 650 tourists at Mekong Delta agritourism sites, this study provides insight into potential visitors as well as those who already visit such destinations. This information can help providers of agritourism products to understand their customers better and offer more focused and effective marketing strategies. 


agritourism, tourist profiles, market segmentation, Mekong Delta

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